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Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find answers to or most commonly asked questions. If you don't find the answer you are looking for please contact us!

  • What is the difference between a Burro, Donkey and an Ass?"
    There's no difference. "Ass' was the original name for a donkey. For many years, "ass" and "she-ass" were completely normal and non-vulgar terms that people used to describe their pack animals. "Burro" is just the Spanish, Portuguese or Mexican word for donkey.
  • Why do they call donkeys jackasses?
    While ass is interchangeable with donkey, "jackass" refers specifically to a male donkey. This derives from the male donkey's nickname "jack" paired with the original donkey terminology "ass." Female donkeys are called "jennies" or "jennets," but a female ready to breed is known as a "broodmare."
  • How do I reserve a Beer Burro?
    You can contact us via phone (480-822-0025) or the contact page on our website. We do require a 50% non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance is to be paid 30 days prior to our event date.
  • What can I expect when I hire AZBeerBurro for an event?
    You can be assured on the day of your event your beer burro will arrive 45 minutes to an hour prior to the designated start time to make sure we are ready and waiting to greet all your guest. Prior to the start time your burro handler will reach out and communicate with the venue staff for the location of the beverages and ice. In addition 1-2 friendly handlers will accompany the burro to assist with beverages, photos and any questions your guest may have. Your burro will be clean, accessorized, dressed to impress and ready to party.
  • Will my event venue allow a Beer Burro?
    Our donkeys have attended events all over the Valley at resorts, restaurants, event venues, you name it and they have been welcomed with open arms. It is a good practice to inform the event venue prior to get approval for all your vendors attending, including the Beer Burro.
  • Who is responsible to provide the beer and ice?
    We do not sell alcohol. The venue or client provides all beverages.
  • Can flash photography be used around the donkeys?
    Yes! Our donkeys are used to having their photos taken.
  • Do the donkeys make a "mess"?"
    Our donkeys go everywhere - hotels, restaurants, you name it. Don't worry about a mess, they rarely create a concern, but just in case they are accessorized with a tactful donkey diaper (bun-bag).
  • Who provides the flowers and signs for the Wedding Donkey?
    We provide everything needed for the Burro. This includes the flowers and signage. Flowers can be coordinated to match the colors or theme of the wedding. We do offer customized signage.
  • What can the donkeys carry and how much can they carry?
    Generally speaking, donkeys can pull about twice their body weight across flat, even ground. As for what they can withstand on their back, if we stick to the standard a burro should carry no more the 20%-25% of their body weight. Here at we like to keep it under that and limit the load to around 30-40 pounds (12-14 beers with ice on each side). Our donkeys have been used as unique transportation to distribute things from water bottles, wine barrels, beer, tequila to party favors and marketing materials. If not too heavy, we can get as creative as you would like.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, we are insured with a commercial liability policy.

Want to Reserve Your Burro?

Popular dates fill up fast. We are currently booking up to 3 years in advance so don't miss out! There are still reservations for the 2024 & 2025 season available!
Call: (480) 822-0025

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